31 May

So last night at GRMakers, we have 5 minutes of fame.

Gary talked about e-cigs and hacking them, Amon talked about video game design and why/how he got into it, Bruce talked about school-hacking and co-learning, Stacey talked about diabetic supply hacking, Ben talked about critter control with a rapsberry pi, and Andrew talked about 8bit music and chiptunes.

Very entertaining, I learned stuff, and it was just long enough to hold my attention, but not too long that it was boring or tedious.

I took video of the event with my new iPod touch, but because i’m new at it, i held it wrong, so orientation is wrong, so before I can upload, i have to fix it.  So I am working on that today.  I also have been working on this site, and trying to figure out what to post.  Now that I have a shiny new blog, what to put on it?  :shrug: whatever comes to mind, I guess.

I was up till 5am, then slept till 2pm, and i’m going to bed by midnight tho.  I have a lot to do tomorrow, including going to my paying job at 11pm, so I’ll need sleep, plus I need to nap somewhere in there as well.  Hopefully my video conversions will be done in time so I can fix them up and upload before saturday.  *crosses fingers*


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