2 Jun

So I was browsing through the contents of one of my computers and found this gem.  The IRC channel doesn’t exist anymore, sadly.

* wannabe1987 is armed
<Speed-mobile> O_o dont hurt me wannabe1987
<@Bat-Mobile> wannabe1987: really?!  awesome!
* wannabe1987 shoots nerf guns into crowd
* Speed-mobile ahhhhh and runs in Circles
* astro73|derial grabs his and shoots back
* wannabe1987 hides, ran out of ammo
* @Bat-Mobile grabs wannabe1987’s ammo and loads it into his own nerf gun
* wannabe1987 doesn’t have a nerf branded gun…lied 😦 sorry
* egrsteve pulls “nitefinder” and fires
* Speed-mobile pulls out his long shot
* Speed-mobile aims at wannabe
<@Bat-Mobile> I have a maverick, it’ll shoot anything
* wannabe1987 pulls out brothers longstrike
* astro73|derial tips a table for cover
* egrsteve pulls nitefinder and shoots speed-Mobile from 50ft
* Speed-mobile hides behind a window
* wannabe1987 hides behind the packed boxes in the kitchen
* Speed-mobile pokes out of window slowly
* egrsteve reloads
* REDhome shoots.
* Speed-mobile aims at egrsteve and fires
* egrsteve is out of range
* astro73|derial pops up and shoorts a round of darts
* Speed-mobile grr
<wannabe1987> lol MI -> NJ
* egrsteve shot lands short
* wannabe1987 is still hiding
* REDhome is on egrsteve ‘s team.
* Speed-mobile goes up to roof
<astro73|derial> shit, sniper!
* Speed-mobile loads his epic ginourmus artillery nerrg howitser
* Speed-mobile aims it at MI
<egrsteve> ya thats basicly my nitefinder,  a sniper pistol
* Speed-mobile shoots at wannabe
* astro73|derial looks for a tree
* wannabe1987 hides under uhaul truck
* REDhome kills you all with her epic ninja nerf skills (except egrsteve)
* astro73|derial dies dramatically
* wannabe1987 sic’s omni and max on REDhome
* Speed-mobile out of range from REDhome
* @Bat-Mobile is dead of ninja
* egrsteve duck as batman runs through with a mace
<@Bat-Mobile> nooo
* REDhome reminds wannabe1987 that omni loves me best.
* wannabe1987 sics neighbors pit on REDhome
* REDhome pulls out her knife.
* Speed-mobile aims howitser at REDhome
* Speed-mobile fires
* wannabe1987 thinks she should go out to the living room and hit her friends
* egrsteve shoots speed-mobile, no one is out of range
* Speed-mobile crud
* Speed-mobile wires together a nerf missle
* Obtuse_ pulls out the gatling gun
<astro73|derial> nerf gatling gun?
* Speed-mobile programs in egrsteve quardinates
* REDhome uses her superhero powers to steal all of your nerf darts.
* wannabe1987 sneaks to NJ, uses nerf sword on Speed-mobile
* egrsteve builds a pool noodle nerf launcher
<wannabe1987> 😮
* Speed-mobile launches
* REDhome is in awe of egrsteve ‘s epic creation.
* REDhome ducks and shoots.
* wannabe1987 wants a pool noodle launcher; goes to parents pool to get noodles
* egrsteve fills 2000psi co2 canister
* Speed-mobile hides in bunker
* wannabe1987 hides underwater
* egrsteve hooks up rank to launcher and takes aim at bunker
* REDhome is in the chem lab, with a wrench.
* @Bat-Mobile is still dead & needs rez
* astro73|derial spirit walks
* REDhome saves Bat-Mobile and brings him over the the epic side with egrsteve and her.
* Speed-mobile sends med bot to Bat-Mobile
* REDhome was just given Superman’s stampede to borrow…..and CONQUERS ALL.
* Speed-mobile hides
<Speed-mobile> Good thing i sent a robot
* egrsteve fires up tesla coil
* Speed-mobile sends a uav with 4 rounds or nerf
* wannabe1987 jumps out behind boxes and nails ginger
* astro73|derial rises as a zombie
* Speed-mobile sends message to Bat-Mobile join me and together we can rule the battlefield
<astro73|derial> Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains
* egrsteve shoots a as wannabe umps out
* astro73|derial is now known as astro73|zombie
* astro73|zombie lurches out
* Speed-mobile is now a special fast zombie from HL2
* Speed-mobile runs over at egrsteve
<Speed-mobile> Raahahagggggg
* egrsteve fires nitefinder at astro73|zombie
<Cprossu_KF7POU> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh /me crowbars Speed-mobile and all the buddies on it’s back
<@Bat-Mobile> the scary ones that pull off their own headcrabs and toss them at you?
* Cprossu_KF7POU crowbars Speed-mobile and all the buddies on it’s back
* astro73|zombie loses an arm
<astro73|zombie> raaaaar!
* egrsteve grabs rock and throws at speed-mobile
* astro73|zombie continues shambling
* REDhome is now known as REDzombified
* egrsteve shoots red with nitefinder
* REDzombified is saddened that egrsteve shot her
<REDzombified> that’s a dangerous gun, there.
* wannabe1987 😦
* Cprossu_KF7POU launches a stick of dynamite at astro73|zombie and it sticks into his rotting corpse like a splinter
* egrsteve boom!
* astro73|zombie looks down
* Speed-mobile runs at Cprossu_KF7POU
<astro73|zombie> rer?
* @Bat-Mobile realizes that HL2 and TF2 run on the same engine, and uses cheats to spawn a dispenser and sentry
<@Bat-Mobile> now all I need is a wrench!
* Cprossu_KF7POU gets out his crowbar again
* Cprossu_KF7POU gets poisioned
* egrsteve-zombie was kicked off and respawned as a zombi
* wannabe1987 thinks she died, not sure
<astro73|zombie> astro73|boomed
* Speed-mobile spawns MR.G
<wannabe1987> lol
<Speed-mobile> Hes on our side
<REDzombified> 🙂
* exor674 checks wannabe1987’s pulse?
* astro73|zombie is now known as astro73|boomed
* Cprossu_Laptop is now known as Cprossu_Zombie
<REDzombified> Are we all undead now?
* egrsteve-zombie realizes HL2, TF, and portal all use the same engine and spaws a portal gun
<Cprossu_Zombie> RAAAAAAAR
<REDzombified> oh boy.
<Cprossu_KF7POU> oh shit
<Cprossu_KF7POU> guys
* Speed-mobile is now known as speed-zombie
* Cprossu_Zombie boomer biles on Cprossu_KF7POU
* egrsteve-zombie puts cprossu into infinite fall
<Cprossu_KF7POU> noooooooooooo
* Cprossu_KF7POU is now known as Cprossu
* wannabe1987 is now known as wannabezombie
* Cprossu crowbars Cprossu_Zombie
* Cprossu_Zombie ‘sploads on Cprossu
* @Bat-Mobile strays too far from his sentry and gets bitten
* egrsteve-zombie shoots upper portal out window launching cprossu miles high
<Cprossu> ACK!!!!!!!!!!!
<astro73|boomed> portal kombat?
* Bat-Mobile is now known as Bat-Zombie
<wannabezombie> …
* Cprossu runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut off
* Bat-Zombie changes topic to ‘braaaaaaaiiiiiinssss’
* wannabezombie is now known as wannabeazombie
<speed-zombie> 😀
Cprossu_Zombie respawns as common infected and bites Cprossu in the neck
* speed-zombie runs to black mesa east
<Cprossu> ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
<astro73|boomed> i think the zombies win?
* wannabeazombie babysits the helipad
* speed-zombie hoping to find a cure
<Cprossu> yes they won
<Cprossu> Reset
* egrsteve-zombie is now known as egrsteve

and there you have it.  an entire irc zombies nerf gun war via text.


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