Imagine with me…

4 Jul

…that you are in your upper 80s.  You’ve been living in your home with a caregiver, but its time to move to a nursing home. You’re not as spry as you used to be.  Diabetes, Arthritis, old age have taken over.  You haven’t been able to exercise like you used to. Your children have picked one out for you, and your spouse has passed on. It is supposedly the best home in the area, boasting a therapy gym, aquatics center, bingo, and lots of activities.

But wait.  The home they pick has a restriction.  If you weigh over 300lbs, you have to get liposuction and a skin tuck.  They say its for the aides, that they are getting injured because of the obesity epidemic in the country.  If you can’t get surgery due to medical reasons, there is a note the doctor can sign and give proof, but you do not fall under this.

Is this legal?  ethical?  Moral?  Its in your court system now.  What should you do?  Go ahead with an unnecesary surgery because you need it to get into the  home?  You’re not that fat….sure you should have not eaten all those cookies, but they tasted good at the time!  I mean, you  have some arm, stomach, leg flab, but thats been there since your 20s.  Totally not your fault your government decided healthy food was too hard to get at, and made it full of chemicals as well.
What do you do?  Do you go with the surgery?  Is this ethical?  Is it legal to require fat people to have surgery to weigh less when they move into a nursing home, permanently, so the caregivers don’t overwork them selves moving you in and out of your bed/wheelchair?

What do you think?


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