A non-fur’s guide to the furry fandom: What you need to know about furs

8 Aug

First things first.  What is a furry? A furry is an anthropomorphic representation of an animal. Dogs, wolves, and cats are the most popular, but all animals are represented, from rats to foxes, otters to lions, deer to crows, anything you can think of, even some hybrids, like a cabbit (cat and a rabbit).  They even have original creatures, such as sergals.  Anthropomorphic traits tend to be human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Group shot at the 7-27-13 Grand Rapids fur bowling meet.

Group shot at the 7-27-13 Grand Rapids fur bowling meet.

So, what do these furries do?  They hang out. They have semi-regular meet ups – it depends on your area, mine has monthly meet ups – where they’ll get together and can be themselves.  My monthly meet up happens at a bowling alley where people dress up in partial and full fursuits, drink, eat, wrestle, cuddle, give hugs, take pictures, and oh yeah, bowl one or two games.  Other meetups consist of suiters and their handlers going out into the community and giving away free hugs, walking around and have people posing in photos, seeing a city, dancing, or making funny videos.  They also have conventions where thousands of furries pour into one hotel and suit, drink, eat, have dance-off’s, dance, have a rave, cuddle, and have panels with information such as how to make a fur suit.  Fur cons are not all about the panels, its more about the party atmosphere.  There are many conventions in many states each year.

Itsukine with a ball at July bowling meet

Itsukine with a ball at July bowling meet

Furries even have a few websites, furaffinity.net is one of them.  There are more at this list from WikiFur.  It’s where a  vast amount of furries hang out online.  They post stories, music, art there, and write journals to keep up with the goings on in each furries life.  There is also an irc server, irc.furnet.org with over 1000 channels on everything from minecraft to technology, specific states and countries, rp-ing, yiffing and 18+ channels (NSFW!), and anything else you can think of.

Furries seem to have their own language – suiting, rp-ing, yiffing, murr and many other words.  This can be quite confusing to the uninitiated.
*Suiting is when someone puts on a full or partial fur-suit and wears it, either out in public or at home. Suiter is someone wearing a suit.  Fursuits are either made by a suitmaker, or homemade.
*RP-ing stands for role-playing. Furries LOVE to cuddle hug kiss etc and they play act that by role-playing.  Some furries role play sex.
*Yiffing.  Yiffing can be described as two furries having sex.  If you want to know more, here is what Wikipedia and WikiFur have to say about yiffing and the sexual aspect of the furry fandom.
*Murr.  Murr is the sound a furry makes when content. It’s a happy noise.
*Fursona.  A fursona is how a fur is represented and depicted within the fandom.  A lot of furs will get art of the fursona done, and their fursuit will resemble their fursona.  It is how one is recognized in the fandom.
*Handler.  Someone who makes sure a suiter stays hydrated, takes care of other needs, such as helping find a bathroom, holding a cell phone, etc.  Suiters can only see 10% of what you can, so having someone around who can see everything is helpful, so they don’t walk into someone, or have people run into them.

Full fursuit. Shooter the fox

Nuka_Nuri's partial fursuit

Nuka_Nuri’s partial fursuit

Why do people keep the fact they are a furry secret?  A lot of it is because the general public’s reaction and ideas of what a furry is.  Most people think furries dress up as animals and have sex as the animals because they are into bestiality.  Based on what I’ve told you thus far, that is not so.  There might be a few that do that, but it is not mainstream and is looked down upon in the fandom.  The loudest get the most attention, and so whatever is loudest, such as having sex as animals, gets the most attention, even if it is not true.  I keep my furry-ness a secret from my family because people like my parents won’t understand.  A local fur keeps it a secret from his parents because they don’t like it and he lives with them. Others keep it secret out of shame, fear of rejection, and various other reasons.

The furry lifestyle can look a lot like the BDSM lifestyle, with collars, leashes, locks, chains, etc.  There is nothing inheretnly wrong with this, if you do not like it, ignore it.  I find it interesting, and a good way to introduce people to other lifestyles.

I hope you have found this mini-guide helpful.  If you have questions, ask your furry or post here, i’d be happy to answer it or help you find an answer.


2 Responses to “A non-fur’s guide to the furry fandom: What you need to know about furs”

  1. Wolf Hart June 4, 2016 at 11:01 pm #

    I liked flurries but didn’t understand what it was to be one. You explained everything to me even definitions in great form. Now I might even tend a convention, could you email me where group meetings are??? Thanks

    • wannabe1987 June 5, 2016 at 4:25 am #

      There are lots of meetings, all over the world. I would check fur affinity or even facebook. you can type in your location + furries and see what comes up!

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