7 Oct

“If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?”

Well, lets go through the 5 senses first: touch, smell, taste, hearing, and seeing.

If you couldn’t see, well, you’d be blind.  you’d probably run into things more often.

If you couldn’t hear everything would be quiet.  no humming fans, no doorbells, no honking horns, nothing. no movies.

If you couldn’t touch, everything would be more difficult.  no gripping a doorknob, cuz you can’t tell if you’re touching it.  Walking would be more diffuclt, cuz how do you know if you’re actually on the ground?  Typing would be more difficult, how do you know you’re touching the keys?  you’d have a lot more bruises, because you wouldn’t know if you’re hitting a hand or foot on something.  Touch is not something i would ever want to loose.

If you can’t smell, you have a hard time eating food.  Smell/taste go hand in hand.  However smell, if you loose it, you can’t smell shit.  like poop, and dirty diapers, and other gross things.

If you can’t taste you miss out on SO MUCH FOOD.

So.  i’m being FORCED to give up one of the above?  I’d give up hearing.  I could still SEE movies, and FEEL sound.  close captioning is there for people who can’t hear and still want to watch movies and know the dialogue.

Which one do i want more?  sight.  I’d like to be able to see in the dark.  I am a cat, i wanna be better at being a cat.




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