The Future: As I see it now

30 Oct

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future. (from Plinky)

3 years in the future?  Its october 2016, it is getting cold out, we still live in michigan.

I still can’t forget the day, March 2, 2014, when Michigan declared that same sex marriage was legal.  My friends at the LGBT center and myself threw a huge party, invited all the people in grand rapids, it was fantastic.  There were a few naysayers, of course.  My family was there, i’m so happy they were there, i smile fondly when remember them there, all happy with me, them actually ACCEPTING me and Alexia, my girlfriend….It was fantastic.  These days are just the same, fantastic.  She’s getting to the end states of transitioning….its been long and hard and rough and emotional and scary even…There were a few moments, early-ish on in her transition, that i was worried we’d ever make it to this stage…..The hormones, when you’re replacing testosterone with oestrogen, it makes you want and do strange things.  There were times in which she wanted to just stop it all.  be done with transitioning, be a third-gendered person, genderfluid/genderqueer, but with counselling and friends, we pushed through (mainly Alexia pushed through) and now she’s beautiful and I love her so much.  Samantha was a huge help during those times, along with the trans* community on psc and tumblr.

The fact that my parents and grandparents totally accept me and alexia, as two girls, living together is mindblowing.  It took a lot of time, effort, counseling, tears to get to where we are now, but everyone is using proper pronouns, names, etc….well at least in my family.  Alexia’s family has a hard time with it, but my family has been very supportive, understanding, and welcomed her with open arms.  Totally opposite of what I thought they would do.  Its astounding what people will do when you allow them to surprise you.

what are we up to these days?  I started an LGBT* center for teens in Grand Rapids, and I’m the CEO and on the BoD along with some very prominent figures in Grand Rapids.  Its a privilege to work with them.  I count my blessings everyday.   Alexia is in school for music production, she also works as a DJ at Diversions and other LGBT friendly places in town.  She really enjoys her work, and school, its just a bit stressful.  She’s in her 2nd year, but on an accelerated schedule for some things, as she knew some of it from her previous life when she was a radio dj and made music on the side.

We’ve found a cute 3 bedroom apartment, on the southwest side of town…..this way we have room for friends who come to visit.  But we’ve started looking into foster care….A lot of my work can be done from home, and the rest (other than meetings) I can take a child to…The center is very kid-friendly, well it should be, its to help lgbt kids teens and youth, but we don’t tend to turn away adults either.   We’re hoping for an 8-10 year old from foster care, we’d prefer an LGBT* child, but thats not always possible, either.  However, the coordinators LOVE us, so I think we’ll get what we desire.

I’ve also written one young adult book, about a trans* individual, it was well received in the community, and i have PSC’s trans* community and Alexia to thank for that….I could not have done it without their help…Remy being one of the more helpful out of the PSC group.  They allowed me to ask so many intrusive questions without flipping out at me…

We also have a cat.  Her name is Delilah, she’s adorable.  I’ve put up wayyyyy too many cute cat videos on the internet >.<  Oh well.  It always needs more :nods:  My siblings have been doing great too.  Kr found the man of her dreams and their wedding is coming up in a month.  Em started dating as well, mainly women, but i’ve heard about a guy or two.  I’m so proud of both of them.  Once I came out as panromantic asexual, they’ve felt more open to coming out as well.  The youngest two are doing well, busy in high school (how did they get so big and so OLD?!)  Iz is doing great on the football team, A does good in soccer, along with orchestra, drama, and her studies.  I think Iz, my brother will end up doing something good for the world, back in Haiti….A?  Not sure yet.  She’s smart and has a lot of things going for her.   Mom and dad are doing well as well, minor cancer scare, but it was removed surgically and there’s no cancer left, so that was quick and easy.  Chemo was tough tho.  I helped out a lot at home during that time.    Grandparents are doing as well as can be expected.  They’re getting on in age, but still active in the community, as much as can be expected.  Grandpa B has early signs of dementia, he’s quite forgetful.  His stories are good tho, i’ve been working on getting down as many family stories as possible before all four of them pass away.  We’ve been to California twice to visit Alexia’s grandparents.  It was tough the first time, but the second time was a bit easier.  Its not mine to tell, I’ll let her do that.  🙂


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