Five thousand dollars

11 Mar

“If a stranger came up to you and handed you five thousand dollars, how would you spend it?” (Prompt from plinky)

If a stranger came up to me and handed me 5k, I would stare in disbelief, thank them, and ask repeatedly if they were serious and if I had to pay them back.

First, I would sell my car for $500 and buy a newer car for 2500. (2000 from the 5k, 500 from selling my car for scrap.) my car needs $600 in repairs. New car will still be a stick shift, I’m not ready for an automatic yet.

I would then put $800 aside so I can find an apartment when my current lease is up. I would also buy 2 $100 gas gift cards so i can fill up my new gas tank a few times.

I would spend $800 on a new laptop – with a 60gb SSD and a 100gb HHD, plus a 1tb portable external drive. The new laptop might not be brand new, but it would have Linux.

I would buy myself a new bed (a double, $200), and three 1 hour long massages. ($180)

I would pay for a friend to take a trip up here, plus lodging and food/side trip costs ($300).

I would buy myself toiletries, as they are not covered by food stamps. I would buy extra, and give them to a local mission. ($120). I would also buy myself some craft supplies that are on my amazon wish list ($100).

I would pre-pay the local clinic for mine and Alexia’s healthcare for a few visits ($100).

That leaves me with $200 left over. I would stick that in the bank and probably spend it on myself and friends.

What would you do?


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