21 Mar

Everyone’s got one.  And people love to spout on about theirs.  Until you call them on the phone and ask them to take a REALLY short survey.  Then they get all sorts of pissy and swear and yell and threaten and its so much fun!

But surveys are a thing that have to happen.  I understand that people do not like phone calls, but if you’re not gonna take a web survey, or a phone survey, how are marketers, politicians, etc supposed to gather data?  How are they supposed to how renewing your insurance went?  How are they going to figure out that the healthcare market place in California’s website sucks?  How do they find out if politician 1 and politician 2 are getting their names out there?  How do they predict who is going to win?  How do they get statistics if no-one will answer a few questions?!

All week, at work, I have been dialing on politics in 3 counties of Alabama.  We’re done now, however.  We finished and got quota thurs night.  Its a 4 minute survey, depending on how you answer.  We were screening for people who were going to vote republican.  The screening and demographics questions took up more time than the actual survey.

screening: are you going to vote, will you vote democrat or republican in the primaries, what age group are you in, and your gender
demographics: age, ethnicity, name, republican/democrat/independent, and phone number.
Survey: do you know persons A, B and C?  How familiar are you with them? A and B are running for state senate in your district, who will you vote for?  Is it a definite or might you change your mind.

Other surveys we have people doing are medical research, technology in your home, Wells Fargo ATMs, insurance renewal satisfaction survey, car repair satisfaction survey, and a few other I’m not familiar with.

If you’re legitametly busy (cooking, eating, sleeping, spending “quality” time with the wife), then let us know, we’ll call you back (oh and if you’re sleeping or having sex/quality time, WHY DO YOU ANSWER THE PHONE?!).  If you’re not (watching “the game”, TV commercial break, interneting, cleaning, w/e people do around the house) give us 2-3 minutes to ask our first question, the most basic (on the medical research one, we’re asking if you have kids in the house), and then you can say something.

Don’t talk while we’re talking – we won’t understand you, and it doesn’t work that way.  Didn’t your parents teach you to not interrupt others?  The only time I’d like to be interrupted, on the medical one, is after i say “about CHILDREN in your area” you can interrupt and say “I don’t have kids”  it’ll save me breath, you phone time, and we’re both happy, I’ll code you out as not having kids.  Bam.  done.  See how difficult that was?!


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