What are you good at?

26 Mar

Are you good at what you do? (prompt from plinky)

What do I do?

Well, I do a lot of forgetting….I’m pretty good at that.  I give out advice – I think I’m good at that. A lot of people thank me for that.  I sit on my rear at work and talk on the phone – I think I’m good at that, as I’ve not been fired.  I’ve had jobs like it in the past.  I spend a lot of time on the internet – I’m really good at that.  *scroll…scroll…scroll…*

Why do I do a lot of forgetting?  Well, I have ADHD and forgetfulness is an aspect of ADHD – forgetfulness, distraction, hyperactiveness, exceutive dysfunction, etc.  I also have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder, and brainfog is one of the symptoms.  Forgetting what i walked into a room for, forgetting to look at my to-do list, etc.  It also makes it tough to get things done because I hurt or am exhausted.

I give out LGBT – and general – advice anonymously, online. Coming out, homelessness, relationship, how to propose, friend issues, help I want to hurt myself, and a whole host of other things.  I get a lot of thanks for it – “thank you for helping me figure out that it is best to wait to come out”  “thank you for those resources – I got housing and food stamps now.”  “thank you – I talked to my best friend, and we talked, and we’re closer than ever now.”  “I took your advice, tweaked it a bit, and she/he/they LOVED it – our date is set for <date>”  It makes me feel good, and I’ve learned a lot, due to researching a lot of things.

My job is a research specialist – I sit and dial people asking them to take a survey.  It’s easy.  I get to do a lot of other things while listening to a dial tone – write, color, draw, do word searches, talk to the people aroudn me.  We cannot read, knit, text surf, do homework (that requires a book), or type.  Its 5-6 hours of mind-numbing work, but I dont mind it – its better than no job!

I surf the web – a lot.  I currently have a google group, tumblr, my blog, reddit, my store, cupcake 3d printer instructions, a comic, and two jewelry how-to’s pinned tabs on firefox, and then multiple facebook tabs, and other links I clicked from facebook open.  I also have a googlechrome page open, with a different tumblr and its pages opened – i run Have A Gay Day’s tumblr.  I have really good google-fu (figuring out what phrase to search to get results).  I am good with facebook, twitter, tumblr, google, gmail, yahoo, furaffinity, youtube, myspace, others.  I spend a lot of time on IRC (internet relay chat) talking to people.  I share a lot of content on tumblr.  It’s a good way to spend/waste time.


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