What It Really Means To Live With ADD/ADHD

7 Apr

mah life. this is why i never get blogs typed out….i’ve got them all handwritten! Just…..not typed

Thought Catalog

I was recently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Truthfully, I’d never considered that it could be the problem, though retrospectively, it seems painfully obvious. When I told my mom I thought I had ADD, all she said was, “I know.” How could I, such a proclaimed “self-aware” person, have been so clueless? I was victim to the stereotypes, and since I could hold a conversation without chasing after a squirrel, I’d never even considered it an explanation for my lifelong struggles. As I grew older and the consequences grew graver, I realized something had to give. I casually googled ADD/ADHD at work one afternoon, more so out of general curiosity than a true attempt to self-diagnose, and was blown away. Written there under the description was almost a perfect analysis of… me. An answer. An explanation. An end to the suffering I couldn’t identify. A beacon of hope, finally.

See, ADD/ADHD isn’t…

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