Setting up colloquy on iOS

7 Jul

This is a walk through on how to set up the IRC client colloquy on your iOS device.

First, download the app.

Open it, and you’ll see this:


Click on edit connections (you’ll see my current connections in the image).


Click add connection


Click irc connection


In description put what type of server. If it is nerdfighters, put dftba.
In address, put or whatever the address is
Nick is whatever nick you use
Real name can be your real name, or admin, or nobody, or whatever.

Keep push notifications on, and connect at launch on.


Join rooms – we’ll get there.
Allow multi-tasking – allows you to let the app run in the background for up to 10 min while you are in another app.
Ignore list – where you can manage ignored users
Advanced – we’ll get there.


This is what you get when you tap join rooms. Click add room.


Chat room – room name. Don’t forget the #!
Password – some rooms have one.


Advanced: server port info should be fine.
Nick authorization
Your name.
Under nick pass you should put your password if you are registered with nickserv.


Alt nick names – only if you have them.

Then go out of each window, saving progress.

Join the server,


At the bottom of that image you’ll see bubbles with a word under it – tap there, you’ll see your rooms.

Hope this works!


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