18 Jul

So I pulled out my sewing machine earlier this week.  Getting used to it and making some things.  Mainly easy things right now.

This is my machine:






I’m borrowing it from my paternal grandma.  It’s a 1960’s Singer 99-31 sewing machine. It goes forwards and backwards and can change the length of stitches and that’s about it.  But that’s all I really need, too.  My friend Justin has one of the fancy machine’s – he can have stitches in the shape of a penguin!

I’ve been sewing and making things.


I made a pin cushion first, tonight.  I grabbed some scrap fabric, made sure they were the same size, sewed 3 sides together, stuffed the other side with polyfil, then sewed that side shut as well.  And BAM there you have a pin cushion!  It’s got a LOT more pins on it now, however.


I also made this rice bag in 45 minutes.  I need more rice, however.  I am kinda out – I had a 10lb bag of rice, I need another 10lb bag, but I don’t really want to drag it home from the grocery store.




There you have it!

I’m also knitting a gold and navy scarf for a friend’s auction.  They’re moving to Little Haiti, Miami, FL to do missionary work there, and need to be fully self-supporting, so they’re doing an auction before they move.  Which is really cool.  So I am knitting that scarf, plus I’ll do a green and white one as well.  Not everyone is a fan of navy and gold.  😉




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