Cheating on dinner

30 May

Not that way.  But I made boxed dinner tonight, chicken helper, and I used pre-cooked chicken for it :). Ultimate cheat!


I had to make milk, from the powdered form, because I don’t keep milk in the house (unless it’s chocolate!)


I then started the dinner the way it says on the box – melt the butter, cook the chicken.   But wait!  The chicken is already cooked!  I stirred it around in the pan so it would thaw.


Then I added the ‘milk’ and pasta and seasoning and water and now my pan is ful.  It actually sloshed over a few times while I was stirring things around, but that’s the price you pay with too small of pans!


Now it simmers and boils for a while 🙂

Tastes the same as if I were to make it with frozen raw chicken :). 

10/10 will make again.  Might add peas next time…


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