Pumpkin bars – with cream cheese frosting.

5 Oct

So I finally got to make the pumpkin bars – 2 weeks ago!

First you grab 4 beautiful eggs – won’t find these in the grocery store:

Then you add them to the sugar and oil, and mix

Then you add in the dry ingredients:

Don’t be like me and almost forget the pumpkin!

Put it in a greased 9×13 pan (or jelly roll pan, but i don’t have one)

Soften some cream cheese and butter by placing it above a hot oven

Add vanilla, cream cheese, butter, and milk to a bowl  Then dump in 4 cups of powdered sugar, burying the other ingredients

Mix with your hand mixer, so you get fabulous cream cheese frosting  Don’t eat it all!
  Take your bars out of the oven, let them cool (i did move them to the counter instead of trying to cool them above a hot oven)  Once mostly cool (recipe says all the way, but i didn’t have time!) spread out your cream cheese frosting.  Eat the rest in the bowl as well!
  Bring it to your gathering – you’ll have some left over (at least i did!) and then have a piece before bed as well.  YUM!

Recipe is a winner, and I’ll make it again some time!


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