Seven reasons I can miss the gala!

23 Oct

So I got an email from Calvin College with the “Seven Reasons you cannot miss the Gala” in it.

  1.  Color tour.
    Um i see that every day on my walk to work?
  2. Food
    I can cook my own much cheaper.  Sure it won’t be as fancy, but i don’t like fancy food.
  3. An excuse to look amazing
    I already *AM* amazing…and i don’t need a gala to do so.  Nor do I own clothes fit for a gala.
  4. Funicular
    I don’t even know what that is?
  5. Award winners.
    What awards?  Who?  Why?  I have award winners in my family….
  6. Food, yet again
    I know.  Most gala’s HAVE food.  but i cannot afford your gala!
  7. It’s in a treehouse!
    How nifty!  But i like my feet on the ground, i’m not actually a bird.

So i clicked the “buy tickets” button, because i’m curious, and its $75/person.

Can’t afford it, sorry!  I didn’t even graduate from you, calvin, so i’m not sure why you consider me an alum.


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