“It’s finished!”

27 Feb

There are three different types of “finished” for a piece of knitting.


The first is when it is off of the needles.  The entire thing is knitted and your needles are free!  It’s like Dobby when given a sock.  You can start another project with them if you wish.


The next level is when all ends are woven in.  Anytime you add a new color, there are two ends that need to be integrated into the piece of knitting.  Different people do it different ways.  Lots of people hate to weave their ends in.  Most of the time, I don’t mind it.



Then there is blocking.  Not everything needs to be blocked.  Usually people don’t block acrylic, but I do.  Hats and wash cloths don’t need to be blocked.  Articles of clothing, shawls, sweaters, and some scarves do.  There are different ways to block, depending on fiber content.  Because this piece of knitting is an acrylic scarf, I’m going to take two towels, lay them end-to-end on the ground, grab a bunch of pins and pin the scarf to the ground.  Then i’ll take my iron, on high steam, and steam it.  Its a good way for me to figure out how long it is as well 😀


Then, if its not an order, i fold it up real nice, and put it in a gallon (or 2 gallon) zip lock bag, with the fiber content, item, price and length written on it.  If it’s an order, then I fold it up real nice and put it in the envelope used for shipping.  And send it off to its new owner!


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