How to add another color knitting in the round

1 Apr

So when you are knitting in the round and you want to add another color – so you can do single row stripes, it’s pretty easy to do.

However, tutorials are awesome and I like writing them!


I have been on a striped hat kick.  This, the harry potter house colors, other sports team colors, etc.  Hats.

So you start by knitting your brim.  I use size 7 or 8 16″ circular needles, 96 stitches and a k3 p1 rib.  About 6-7 rows = brim


Get your second color out and attach by making a stitch.  So my second color is white.  Do not cut the green, however, you’re gonna want it in 96 stitches (1 row).


Knit the entire row in white, as you would (no ribbing, just knit).


Without cutting the white, pick up the green you didn’t cut and knit a row with it.


The backside (inside) looks a mess, but thats okay!


Then knit a row in white, with the color you didn’t cut.

Keep going in this fashion until the hat measures 7″.  Then start your decrease.

*K6 K2tog*.  Knit a row.  *K5, K2tog*.  Knit.  *K4 K2tog*.  Knit. *K3, K2tog*.  Knit.  *K2, K2tog*.  Knit.  *K1 K2tog*.  Knit.  *K2tog*  *k2tog*  Cut tail (6-7inches), put tail on darning needle, thread thru the remaining stitches, pull tight and weave ends in.  (* means repeat)

At about the k3 k2tog row i switch to only one color, makes decreases easier.

Voila, Hat!


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