Stuffed bell peppers!

2 Apr

So i bought ground beef and 4 bell peppers a week ago with the intention of making stuffed peppers last week.

That fell thru.  So I made them today!  In the middle of the afternoon!  Because I’m odd like that…

Gather your ingredients!


1 lb beef


Part of an onion – i used 1/2 of the 1/2, so quarter.

Spices – salt, pepper, garlic (like minced, not powder), cumin.


Bell peppers!  I used 4, and the amount of filling fit perfectly!


1 cup cooked rice!  I didn’t have any instant on hand, and time management is *not* my  thing, so i didn’t have time to use the rice cooker and make real rice, so i used these boil in a bag jasmine rice things.  each bag makes like 1.5 cups, so i used 1 cup and ate the rest.


Brown the beef, add in parts of the lopped off tops of peppers, onion, garlic minced, spices.


Lopped off peppers – i picked one that would stand up on their own.  this is in an 8×8 pan.

once beef is well browned and the pepppers/onion had a chance to cook a bit – and you added your rice (not pictured cuz lazy), fill peppers with filling.


Stick in oven at 370*F for 30 min.

Add cheese, i used colby jack cuz i have it on hand, and then cook for 15 more min!  (should probably be less cuz my cheese was all crispy. not gooey).




And then clean up the kitchen.  *nods*


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