Bernat blanket fingerless mitts!

26 Oct

New free pattern!  I made it up at work because I was cold and I had blanket yarn…

You need 1 ball of blanket yarn (a 108 yd ball gave me 5 fingerless mitts), a P hook.

Ch 15.  Make sure it fits your wrist. If needed, ch more.   Leave a longish tail, you’ll need it for seeming.

Single crochet each stitch.  Rows 1-4 are just single crochet.

Somewhere in row 5, increase one stitch.  That’s for the thumb.

Rows 6, 7, 8 single crochet each stitch.

Rows 9 and 10 decrease one stitch somewhere.  

Row 11 single crochet.  Cut yarn, leaving a longish tail and bind off.

To seam up, place your non-dominant hand inside and start weaving the tails up the side.

You can seam it up two ways…one where it’s at the knuckles, or where it’s over the knuckles. Seam it up and place it on your hand and make the second!

And yes, that’s Harry Potter in the background. 


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