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Magic Loop Knitting

18 Mar

So there are two ways of knitting something in the round – circular needles and double pointed needles (dpn).  I have never been able to figure out how to use a set of double pointed needles, so I got really good at magic looping with circular needles.

You magic loop when your piece of work (art, fabric, whatever) gets too be too small for your circular needle cable.  In the pictures below, I am working on a hat – the decreases got to be too small – too few stitches for how much cable i had – so I transferred the stitches from the 16″ circular to the 32″ circular.  You can magic loop with any length circular, it is better to have too long than too short.  In a pinch i have used the same 16″ i was knitting the hat on, but I do not recommend.


Someone on my favorite facebook group asked how to do a magic loop.  I was in the process of getting ready to do that on a hat i was knitting, so i took pictures, posted them on the post.  Then she goes “You should make tutorials!”  So here you go.

So you’ve got this thing your knitting, in my case a hat.  You’ve got too few stitches for the amount of cable you have on your needle.  So you’re going to want to knit the stitches onto the longer circular needle.  In my case the grey needle is a 16″ circular, the metal/shiny needle is the longer circular (i think its 28 or 32″ long)


So you awkwardly (and yes, it is awkward) knit the stitches from the short needle to the long needle.  Eventually it’ll get too hard to knit, so you’ll pull the stitches onto the cable.


Pull the stitches onto the cable of the longer needle and then keep knitting with the longer needle till you have all your stitches onto it.  Put the shorter needle somewhere else.  Since i’m doing this on the bus, I put the shorter needle into my backpack.


(sorry for the blur, i’m doing all this knitting on the bus!)

So you’ll have all your stitches on the longer needle.  Put them in the middle of the longer one.  Count the stitches (here i have 21, but i’ll fix it by putting 11 on one side and 10 on the other then k2tog’ing 2 on the 11 side together), put half on one side, half on the other and pull the cable out so theres a loop.  Magic. Loop.


The needle you are knitting with will always be the bottom needle.  the “top” needle will actually be on the side, the stitches will stay on the cable, but be parallel(ish) to the ones you are knitting.  Knit them.


Now you need to flip it – so that the stitches you are to knit are on the bottom and shove the cable into the bottom stitches so you see the needle and pull out the needle from the top stitches so you have cable.



This is what it looks like while you are knitting – a loop on each side.


You will always have a box.  I wanted 3 stitches on each “needle” to finish off my hat, so I k2tog, k1, k2tog’d each side.  Then cut my tail, and threaded the yarn thru the stitches and wove in ends.





Cowl Pattern – FREE!

21 Feb


 So I’ve been busy knitting ALL THE THINGS – hats and cowls mainly – I have too many scarves, and no one is buying them, so why make more?

I made up my own cowl pattern, as well.  First I was using one my mom gave me, but then friends told me it was too short – apparently cowls are supposed to be long?  Twistable?  *shrug*  I don’t know.  I wear them a specific way so my face stays warm outside.  Most of my cowls are short, like this and this.

So then I made up my own pattern so that they can be long and/or doubled up.

So you use size 15 needles, circular, about 24″ long.  I use a super bulky and a worsted yarn together, or two worsteds, or a super bulky by itself.  Totally up to you.  No guage.

Cast on 85 stitches, place marker, join in the round, making sure to not twist!

Knit two rows

Purl two rows

Knit 4 rows

Purl 2 rows

Knit 4 rows

Purl 2 rows

Depending on how much yarn you have left, you can Knit 2 rows and then bind off, or Knit 4 rows, Purl 2 then bind off.  I’ve bound off on a purl row or a knit row before.

Weave in ends – especially if you had to join yarns in the middle because skeins of super bulky aren’t very many yards.

I usually use a Lion Brand Hometown USA along with something else – the black/purple is Hometown USA with purple hand spun, hand dyed Merino from Spun Ware over the Rainbow.

The grey/grey rainbow I’m currently knitting is a Hometown USA with Vanna’s choice Patchwork grey – both acrylic.

This one is all acrylic – two skeins of the same yarn.

What do you like to knit?